Return to Full In-Person

Board Approves Return to Full In-Person, Targeting March 1
Posted on 02/04/2021
At a special board meeting held on February 4, the Board of Education approved a plan to return to full in-person learning from the alternating schedule scenario at the secondary level, targeting a March 1 start date. The plan would allow for in-person students in grades 6-12 to return to daily in-person instruction starting March 1. With this change, families will be informed that there is increased possibility of student quarantine and student schedule adjustments due to the increased number of students per classroom and limited ability to maintain 6-foot physical distancing. The Board of Education will meet weekly leading up to March 1, to continue to monitor data. We remind our families and staff that the pandemic response is a fluid situation that may require movement in any direction between learning scenarios as the public health crisis evolves.

The proposed plan is a result of working with the Platte County Health Department, and other local health professionals to consider qualitative and quantitative goals with regards to mental health, behavioral health, food security, workforce availability, hospitalizations, cases, testing, and transmission.

If these return to full in-person plans change families' preferred learning scenario, they are asked to contact Dr. Mike Brown, Assistant Superintendent, at 816-858-5420.