Hanks Camy

Camy HanksCamy Hanks

Foreign Language Teacher
Platte County High School


I am Maestra Hanks. I teach Spanish I and II.  I moved to Missouri in January of 2017.  Prior to living in Missouri, I lived in Louisiana.  All of my dad's side of the family continues to live in Louisiana and my mom's side lives in Mexico.  I have spoken Spanish since birth.  I graduated from Louisiana State University in 2011 with two degrees.  I have a degree in Spanish and a degree in French.  I have a masters in Special Education from Northwest Missouri State University. 

I have been married since 2012.  I have three beautiful children--Reese, Phillip, and Reid.  I love my family more than anything and love spending any extra time I have with them.

I cannot wait for this school year to start and get to meet all of you Pirates!  If you ever need to contact me please do not hesitate!  

-Maestra Hanks


1st Hour: Spanish I
2nd Hour: Planning
3rd Hour: Spanish I
4th Hour: Spanish I
PLT: Juniors
5th Hour: Spanish I
6th Hour: Spanish II
7th Hour: Spanish II

Contact Information

Email: hanksc@platteco.k12.mo.us
Phone: 816-858-2822