Pirate Mentor Program


The Pirate Mentor Program is designed to provide students with a supportive environment to help ease their adjustment from junior high to high school or as new PCHS students. The personal, social, and academic growth of each student is nurtured through an ongoing orientation that includes information about school policies, procedures and programs, academic and social counseling, and relationship building through upperclassmen mentors.


The Pirate Mentor Program is a comprehensive transition program that provides students with a support group that consists of PCHS students that are a Junior or Senior. Student Mentors are "trusted guides" to freshmen and new students and have applied for the position. They provide an ongoing orientation process that enables freshmen and new PCHS students to become familiar with policies, procedures, programs, and traditions at Platte County High School.


Our upperclassmen student mentors began the application process in the spring of the school year. Applicants will fill out an application and obtain two teacher recommendations. A panel of teachers choose 25 leaders from this group. The mentors will undergo a training over the summer to gain skills in leadership and mentoring. Each of these mentors are prepared to help students with their transition into Platte County High School, helping them to define expectations and goals for themselves along the way. Mentors will have an opportunity to check up on their small groups on our early out PLC days once a month.

Questions or comments?

Please email or call Mrs. Brown 816-858-2822 x. 1211 or Mrs. Lightfoot 816-858-2822 x. 1280