Library Events

Black History Month

February is Black History Month and we invite you to enjoy learning about several people, places and events relevant to Black History in America. Each week of the month we will remind you, via the announcements, about our featured topic listed on the whiteboard. To explore some on your own, just select any one of these items above that will take you to more in-depth information or give you a quick visual or listening experience: the two posters or the rows of pennants hanging on the walls; the poster in Mrs. Diaz’s hands; the stack of books next to Dr. Jones, the sculpture beside Mrs. Stokes and the karaoke machine on the table next to Mrs. Handke.

Level Up with Dr. J

Welcome to Dr. Jones's Level Up Discussion Portal! Dr. J is looking forward to learning along with you. Be sure to encourage your friends and fellow classmates to join in the conversations, too!

After you take a look at Dr. J's brief explanatory video and what's Up for Discussion for the week and respond or participate, have a look around. Click on items in the room for further information and fun. See if you can find the following: the FAMU Fight Song; "Level Up" by Ciara; Dr. J's Twitter Feed; a video explaining the ground rules for any Level Up conversations.