Laude System for Recognizing Achievement

At Platte County R-3 School District, we prepare our graduates for college, career and citizenship. Platte County High School uses the laude system to recognize graduates for their success in rigorous programs. These designations use weighted grades: Cum Laude (3.8-3.99), Magna Cum Laude (4.0-4.19) and Summa Cum Laude (4.2 and above). The Board of Education approved the new academic recognition and eliminated the class ranking system beginning with the 2011-12 school year for the following reasons:

High Achievement

Students are more focused on the educational value of their class selection. They choose to take a broader range of course work to balance and improve their educational experience - rather than selecting a course for the potential weighted grade to increase their "top 10" class ranking.

Top Performing Schools

 Schools around the state and nation can be vastly different. Students from different high schools may have selected vastly different courses and may have earned different grades - but have the same class rank to report to colleges as Platte County students in their top performing schools. Platte County High School consistently scores above state averages in state assessments and the ACT.

Increase Post-Secondary Opportunities

Research shows that colleges may consider applicants more individually when class rank is not a factor. Factors such as academics, test scores, course rigor and extracurricular activities may become the focus. Most importantly, it means that our graduates applying for college will be competing with all applicants, not just the students within their own high school.

Tips for Your Soon-to-Be Platte County R-3 Graduate

  1. Explore your interests/options for post-secondary education.
  2. Learn more about the college application process.
  3. Invite teachers and college/career specialists to write letters of recommendation citing high levels of performance.
  4. View your school profile to share with colleges the rigorous academic program offered and rank equivalents.
  5. Find more information on your high school's college planning page.