Rader Dane

No photo - District Compass LogoDane Rader

Special Education Teacher
Platte County High School

My name is Dane Rader and I'm a graduate from Missouri State University. Through my time there I was very grateful to be presented with many leadership roles and opportunities to work in the adaptive field. I'm an extremely positive individual and am always striving to be a forever learner and continue to grow in my content knowledge. 

I'm a very avid sports fan of very many sports but to narrow it down some of my absolute favorites are Football, Hockey, and everything the Paralympic Games have to offer! Finally, I have twin boys at home that keep me busy outside the classroom but also allow me to strive to be the type of teacher I'd want them to have one day. 


Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-858-2822 x. 1114